For businesses who have problems tracking their employee manual deliveries (Money, Papers, Goods….) , Handover is a mobile app that help in authenticating and confirming every delivery operation happens between employees in a super easy and secure way

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Delivery Types

Delivery Confirmation Types

Entity Types


Delivery any type to delivery among employees

Out of Company

Deliver any type of delivery outside the company with sms confirmation


Delivery money or documents to banks with receipt upload 

Other Institutions

Add and manage any institution that allowed to deliver to.

Navigate and check Handover mobile app
سلم و استلم

Delivery process to confirm


Sender can send any delivery type.

Sender can add external users outside the company.


Authorized Receiver has permission to receive any transaction.

Receiver can approve the delivery by QR.

Restricted Receiver 


Restricted Receiver has a permission to receive with supervisor approval only.

view it own transactions.


Supervisor can add employee.

Supervisor can get all report types for any users.

Supervisor can approve transaction between sender and restricted receivers.

Admin Panel & Reports

Admin Features

“Delivery Proof” to solve your business needs

  • User Management:
    Admins can control and manage added employee and can get all reports from and to any users.
  • Delivery Types:
    Admins can use different types of delivery like QR code, SMS, and scanning documents and delivery types between employees along with the type and weight of goods.
  • Notification Management:
    Get valuable insights about your customers experience by tracking ratings and feedback.
  • Reports:
    • All employee transaction in a period based on transaction type.
    • History of an employee transactions based on transaction type (print per transaction)
    • ALL pending transactions or an employee transaction (show transaction history)
    • List of approved transactions by whom.

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